The Unexpected Effects of World War I

wwiAnyone who is asked to change the course of history and stop World Wars from happening would definitely say yes. The loss of lives and properties because of the war is so vast that until now, a lot of people can still feel its effect. World War I for instance took place a century ago and has resulted to the death of over 15 million people. However, despite what happened, the WWI still had unexpected results that have given something positive for the future generation,

  • A British surgeon named Harold Gillies was given the task to rebuild disfigured soldiers in a battle. Due to the gravity of some cases, he was forced to reconstruct faces out of something that has seemingly been wiped out. This is where he pioneered new techniques for facial reconstruction. The advancement in this field has started because of his dedication during the war.
  • The aviation industry has developed drastically as a result of wars. Back then, flying planes was only known to a few people. It was also deemed very dangerous. However, because of war and the need to utilize air space, governments poured in money for the development of a better technology to be used in aviation. This is where it eventually became an industry of its own. In 1919, Arthur Brown and John Alcock made a successful nonstop transatlantic flight in just 17 hours with the use of a modified WW I plane. This seemingly impossible feat was made into a reality.
  • The war gave birth to women empowerment. Women during WW I were basically left at home to take care of the family. However, due to war, there was a need for more manpower. This is where over 30,000 women became involved in various services and were employed. In Britain, over 2 million women joined the workforce. From there, the role of women has gotten more and more important.

Again, if we can just erase WW I, we will. However, these positive effects as a result of war are worth thanking for. Check this original site for a stand up comedy show so you can forget the bad memories of war for some time and smile.

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