Holocaust Memorial Museum

The Museum’s National Institute for Holocaust Documentation houses an unparalleled storehouse of Holocaust that archives the destiny of casualties, survivors, rescuers, emancipators, and others. Our far reaching accumulation contains a huge number of reports, antiquities, photographs, movies, books, and declarations.

holocaust museum

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum was set up by a demonstration of Congress that ordered the formation of a “changeless living commemoration to the casualties of the Holocaust.” It is the things that had a place with those casualties and survivors—and also different materials that relate their stories, encounters, and histories—that frame the premise of the Museum’s accumulations.

All stored documentation has been thoughtfully provided by those who straightforwardly encountered the Holocaust or by their families, or have been procured from local and universal organizations. Historical center staff gather, save, and make accessible to general society this accumulation of the dramatic events of that time and bolster the Museum’s boundless endeavors in the zones of research, presentation, distribution, instruction, and recognition.

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As an additional benefit, many supporting companies offer free or discounted services to help protect the transcriptions, so they will be available for many more generations to see. When they need to be transported for cleaning or restoration, local armored car companies offer to see that the documents arrive safely at the facilities. HVAC companies donate their expertise on keeping the museums climate at the proper level. Dry air and humidity can both be detrimental to the surface of paperwork. One such company took time away from a King of Prussia air conditioner repair job to consult with the curators on a future display room.

The museum offers such an enlightening vision into a dark time in our human history. It is vital that our children know about the full range of world crises to better help them navigate the political spectrum they will encounter throughout their lives. The greatest sin we van visit upon mankind is to repeat the past.