Comedy Since Ancient Times

photoComedy, from the Greek word ‘Komoidia,’ pertains to a dialogue or presentation shown humorously that intends to amuse and seek laughter from its audience.

Since the beginning of dramas, plays and orations in the Greek era before the Roman period, comedy played a role to not only entertain people but get people to side with the best humorist in their opinions not only socially but politically as well.

Humorist before uses parody and satire with some (even twisted) logic to dissuade an opinion, thought or belief and they were very effective in political debates. Even today it has not changed as politicians using humor and logic (fallacious or not) to put down political opponents in one-liner monologues and punch lines.

Shakespeare had his share of comedy plays during his time and they were a delight to many that these masterpieces have become classics and still played until now in drama theaters worldwide.

Stand-up comedy, however, started in the 19th century and in 1966, people named the humorist or the medium that made people laugh as a ‘stand-up comic.’ Those were the days of vaudeville, minstrel shows and theater plays.

Some founders of modern American stand-up comedy were Bob Hope, George Burns, Fred Allen, Jack Benny and Milton Berle. Bob Hope, most famous stand-up comedian during World War II, toured Europe during the war to entertain American soldiers and boost their morale.

Comics, another name for the comedians, incorporated other mediums in their show such as magic, playing musical instruments, singing and other props that could help with their presentations. Jeff Dunham used ventriloquism and showed several puppet dolls in every show he did.

Some comics sing and dance like the early stand-up comics such as Bob Hope, George Burns and Milton Berle. Even today, there are many who can sing, dance and/or play instruments during their show like Robin Williams, Woody Allen, Jack Benny, Johnny Carson and Jay Leno.

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