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Teaching Your Kids About Dinosaurs

The movie The Land Before Time has piqued young children’s interest on dinosaurs and how they lived. The cartoon and storyline was nice but of course, lacked scientific proof. If you want your children to really learn about the dinosaurs better take them somewhere they can learn about what truly happened to them. It will be worth the trip to the American Museum of Natural History Collections and the price of admission to see a long and almost complete skeleton of a dinosaur.

Here, you can view different kinds of dinosaurs ranging from the small to the very large. Your kids will also be able to tell the difference between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and see what places they preferred as their habitat. Although going on a road trip to New York to go the museum and see dinosaurs is fun, there is now an online alternative. In case you and your child cannot drive all the way to New York, there is still an alternative that you can use.

The American Museum of Natural history has come with an app that allows students and teachers to explore the cavernous halls of the museum’s dinosaur collections . As you may very well know, the museum houses the world’s largest collection of fossils. These dinosaur remnants can be accessed via the mobile app and students and teachers can see for themselves what the dinosaurs were like. There are thousands of renderings, models and photographs of different species of dinosaurs. These magnificent creatures roamed the earth, water and air some 65 million years ago.

There are different theories as to why they became extinct. Some say that an asteroid hit the earth and left an intense cloud of dust so thick that virtually everything died. The same asteroid also caused massive tsunamis which killed ocean-based creatures.  Scientists are still trying to prove if that theory is correct. However, in this day and age, we can all witness the descendants of the might dinosaurs in the form of the animals that we know and love today.

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